Monday, May 9, 2011

Reflections on Trip by Team Member Josh Bremerman

Cameroon was AMAZING!! I loved every second of the time we were blessed to spend there! People ask me all the time what was my favorite part of the trip and I just don't think they understand the impossibility of a question like that. When I really think about I think above all else I loved the children. For some reason unknown to myself, a group of young boys followed me around a lot of the time we were in Lassin. I thank God for the opportunities he gave me to just show love to those kids. The first few days they were very hesitant to be too close to me, always keeping a safe distance but just close enough to watch. Steadily as the time in the village passed, however, they started to grow closer and closer to me and it was such a blessing to get to know them and show them love. I watched a lot of those same kids keeping track of all their younger brothers and sisters and although I met some of their mothers, I met almost none of the fathers. This broke my heart and I think that God was just giving me an opportunity to show the kind of love that they may have been missing from an older brother or a father. It brought joy to my heart to see their faces light up over me wrestling with them or lifting them up in the air, things that my brothers and I do all the time and seem normal to me. So when people ask me what my favorite part of the trip was, it simply was the kids. 

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  1. I believe that this amazing because not every person is willing to dedicate their time to people in need. It's wonderful to see that are still good hearted people out there. God bless them.